Quotes We cannot recommend Eshiels Gundogs enough! We purchased our first yellow labrador, Maisie, in May 2009 and we were so impressed with her that we purchased a second black labrador, Ellie, this summer (travelling all the way from Northern Ireland to collect her). As Veterinary surgeons we were very impressed with the quality of Ian and Andreas breeding programme, with all the necessary tests preformed to help ensure healthy, top quality litters. Both our dogs are very much a part of the family and are excellent companions. Maisie was our first gundog and she has been a joy to train. Ian and Andrea are always there for advice and throughout the whole experience have kept in touch with regular emails. We look forward to bringing both dogs back for a visit in future! Quotes
Laura and Michael
Proud Puppy Owners

Quotes Dog training is a bit like learning to drive - lots of patience, practice and repetition involved. Ian oversees this with infinite patience and humour, adapting his methods to specific dogs temperaments and needs. After a year of attending both group and individual training sessions, I now have a much better trained, happier working cocker spaniel. I'm looking forward to the rabbit pen being ready! Quotes
Christine Ramsay
Cocker Owner

Quotes Ian and Andrea operate a fantastic facility at Eshiels. We have taken our springer spaniels there on a number of occasions for both group and one-to-one training and are always impressed by how professional, efficient, patient and friendly they are. I'm particularly grateful that they allowed us, on our first visit, to bring our older, less obedient and noisey springer with us so he wouldn't feel left out when the younger one was being trained!! Thanks for all your help and support. Mark and Julie, Clovenfords. Quotes
Mark and Julie Rankine
Happy dog owners!!

Quotes Hi my name is Scott I have now been going to Eshiels Gundogs for about a year now. I am delighted to say that I have learnt a great deal from one to one lessons and the group sessions. Ian is very professional trainer and explains everything in detail. This allows you to understand why your dog works in certain ways, or not as the case maybe. The training ground is perfect as there is everything you will need. My lab and I have improved a great deal since we started our training with Ian. It is when you go to a quality trainer that you start to understand ALL the mistakes that you have made. However I am now more confident and my lab is also. The difference in both our abilities is easy to see. Ian has got great dogs of his own and when you see how soft and caring he is with them you can see why they love to work for him. I would not hesitate to recommend Ian?s training to anybody for gundog training or obedience training. Quotes
Scott Crockett
Client. Penicuik.

Quotes Sensible, practical, expert gundog training, either in one to one's or in groups, ideal for novices, for bringing on a younger dog , or a pre season refresher course. Quotes
James Taylor
Client. Peeblesshire

Quotes We purchased our beautiful black labrador pup from Ian and Andrea last summer. He is 14 monthes old now and is a joy to behold. From the outset Ian's communication was outstanding. When we visited to view the puppies at 3 weeks old both Ian and Andrea were so friendly and were obviously excellent breeders. We were kept up todate with Mac's progress by email,including pictures until we brought him home. Even after we brought him home,Ian's input was invaluable. Any queries we had about Mac were answered quickly and confidently. At 6 months old,all the puppies from Mac's litter were invited to return to Eshiels for a training sesseion. It was fabulous to see all the pups together and Ian's training and advice was very welcome. Once again I can only praise Ian and Andrea who have been everything we could have hoped for (and more) in labrador breeder. Our Mac has grown into a beautiful dog who is loved enormously by his family. Thanks Ian Quotes
Colette Ross
Purchasing a puppy from Eshiels Gundogs

Quotes From the first day walking through the gates and meeting Ian and his family I was very quickly reassured that I was definitely in the right place. The site of happy healthy puppies. The excellent training ground , experience, knowledge and passion was evident throughout. Finn and I have attended several one to one training sessions with Ian and also attended one of the training days. Ian is so welcoming and none threatening. He puts you straight at ease as soon as you meet him. Not only has he given me invaluable professional gun dog training but also he gives very down to earth answers into dog behaviour. Any success is due to no small part to Ian?s patience and encouragement to keep working on the techniques he has taught. I guess whether purchasing a puppy for immeasurable assistance on the shooting ground, trialling or just a loyal family pet I can?t recommend enough the training, breeding and invaluable advice available at Eshiels. Quotes
David Tulip
Client. Northumberland
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