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Gundog Training and Obedience Dog Training by Ian Mitchell 

I really enjoy working with dogs and their clients. 

Helping people to develop their skills to bring out the best in their dogs is a real joy.

I do not just offer training for gun dogs, but all breeds of shapes and sizes.

    What can I  teach you? 

1. Walk to heel, without pulling on the lead.

2. Walk to heel without a lead.

3. Sit and Stay.

4. Recall.

5. Retrieve / Fetch.

6. Whistle commands for sit and Recall.

All our lessons are outside in the fresh air. We can set up situations where you may have to walk past another dog, but you usually cross the road. With set exercises so we can improve the behaviour of your pet.

We charge £35 per session, which lasts between 40 minutes to 1 hour. Or you can book a block of 6 lessons for £180, so getting one lesson free. We also offer group sessions once dogs are at a general level of obedience.

What do you need. You need your dog, lead, and treats. All training is done by positive reward. Maybe wellies and a water proofs.

Young handlers learning new skills